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This is a great review, and it's making me pretty damn excited that a week at Solitude kind of fell in our family's laps (via a house swap...long story). I have skied Alta and Snowbird, and a few years ago the family did a trip to Breckenridge. When I first read up on Solitude I was a little concerned it was going to feel small and tame compared with those. Not that we're over-the-cliff extreme types, but we ski most of the back bowls and double blacks. But based on this...well I think we'll do just fine. One question: do you have a recommendation for an instructor/guide who could do a half day with everyone from my 65-year-old mother to my eight-year-old daughter? (We all ski similar stuff, believe it or not). I've often found that it's worth spending the $$$ to spend a few hours with someone who really knows the mountain inside and out and can help get us to the good stuff!!