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With more than 80 ski areas in operation, Québec is a great place to plan a ski safari, where you can mix up one-day visits to well-known mountains that everyone has heard about with those that will raise a “huh?” from most Americans. And just like the province's two other ski regions, the Laurentians, a short drive from Montréal, lends itself well to this approach. read more
by ml242 • | | 11 comments
Before the ski season began this year, I made a pact with a buddy around a warm campfire on a chilly Vermont evening that this would be the season we made it to the Chic Choc Mountains. A week or so later, I called to ask if it was just the bourbon talking, or if he was seriously interested. The follow up discussion left no doubt that we were going to Quebec. read more
by Jamesdeluxe • | | 11 comments
The fashionable cafés, cobblestone streets, and beautiful people of Québec City serve as a gateway for a classic northeastern ski vacation along the stunning Saint Lawrence River. read more
by Jamesdeluxe • | | 9 comments
With a 2,526-vertical foot ski area sitting tumbling down to a nine-mile-wide Saint Lawrence River, Le Massif is one of the most unique ski areas you'll find anywhere: east or west. read more
by Jamesdeluxe • | | 5 comments
If you're looking for a ski trip that's truly different from any other on this continent, pack the car and head north to this picturesque region that seamlessly combines two unlikely cultures. read more
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Mont Shefford and Mont Glen were two classic retro ski areas in Quebec's Eastern Townships that fought the good fight against more modern nearby mountains, but couldn't win against the forces of change. read more
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