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Lech, Austria: Powder and Porsches

in Europe
Mention the Austrian ski resort of Lech and people immediately think of a snowbound Monaco, filled with celebrities, powerful diplomats, and the insanely rich. However, two visits during consecutive winters proved that you don't need to be part of the 1% to have a memorable ski vacation there. read more

Kitzbühel, Austria: Springtime in Tirol

in Europe
While the Kitzbühel Alps aren't considered the top tier of ski regions in the Alps, my spring 2003 visit showed me what's missing from the North American ski experience and transformed Austria into my favorite winter destination. read more

White Mountains, NH: Wandering Skis

in Northeast US
When it was time to begin debating the merits of prospective host locations for the second Northeast Ski Blogger Summit, our group put several lift-served mountains on the table. Following several weeks of intense e-mail lobbying, we agreed on New Hampshire’s White Mountains. read more

San Juan Mountains, CO: Continental Diamonds

in The West
The small towns, cowboy mystique, and jagged peaks of southwest Colorado have been on my mind for years. The fascination may have started with a dusty issue of Snow Country Magazine featuring an impressive night shot of a range called "The Needles" that loomed across the valley by Durango Mountain Resort. read more

Laurentian Mountains, QC: The A-15 Ski Corridor

in Québec
With more than 80 ski areas in operation, Québec is a great place to plan a ski safari, where you can mix up one-day visits to well-known mountains that everyone has heard about with those that will raise a “huh?” from most Americans. And just like the province's two other ski regions, the Laurentians, a short drive from Montréal, lends itself well to this approach. read more

Chic Chocs, QC: The Long Road to Paradise

in Québec
Before the ski season began this year, I made a pact with a buddy around a warm campfire on a chilly Vermont evening that this would be the season we made it to the Chic Choc Mountains. A week or so later, I called to ask if it was just the bourbon talking, or if he was seriously interested. The follow up discussion left no doubt that we were going to Quebec. read more
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