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Bobcat Ski Center, NY: Time Stands Still

in Northeast US
by Jamesdeluxe • | | 14 comments
Tucked away in the western Catskills, Bobcat has become a kind of Holy Grail for back-to-the-basics skiers — a mountain that feels like it was deep-frozen in 1972 and reopened for business last week. read more

Grand Targhee, WY: Gone To The Powder Room

in The West
by Jamesdeluxe • | | 0 comments
For those who have experienced the feeding frenzy at high-profile mountains after a big dump, Grand Targhee will feel like a trip to the Hooterville general store. Don't worry; no one's going to steal your powder. read more

Mont Shefford & Mont Glen, QC: Off The Map

in Québec
by Jamesdeluxe • | | 0 comments
Mont Shefford and Mont Glen were two classic retro ski areas in Quebec's Eastern Townships that fought the good fight against more modern nearby mountains, but couldn't win against the forces of change. read more
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