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Alta, UT: Searching For First Tracks

in The West
When an online ski magazine has the words "first tracks" in its title, it'd normally be safe to assume that the person who edits and publishes it is living somewhere with convenient access to untracked lift-served snow. But for the first decade of his website, Marc Guido was based out of several locations that very few hardcore skiers would have called home. read more

Loveland and Winter Park, CO: I-70 Outliers

in The West
What makes these two Colorado mountains — one a no-frills day area right next to the Eisenhower Tunnel and the other an Intrawest destination resort only 67 miles from Denver — must-do stops on Colorado's I-70 ski scene? read more

Solitude, UT: Channeling The Wasatch

in The West
On paper, Solitude is a mountain that’s easy to dismiss — especially when you compare it to the high-profile ski areas in Little Cottonwood Canyon a couple miles away. But there are a bunch of good reasons I've made it my go-to mountain for the past few seasons. read more

Ski Safari Along The St. Lawrence, Québec

in Québec
The fashionable cafés, cobblestone streets, and beautiful people of Québec City serve as a gateway for a classic northeastern ski vacation along the stunning Saint Lawrence River. read more

Bearpen Mountain, NY: The Original Beast of the East

in Northeast US
If events had unfolded differently, Bearpen could have become the biggest ski area east of the Rockies. Instead, it closed after its fifth season of operation and became a forgotten footnote. read more

Red Mountain and Whitewater, BC: A Best-Kept Secret

in The West
Among British Columbia's more than two dozen ski resorts, the Kootenay Rockies boast some of the province's most reliable dry powder conditions, but are still relatively undiscovered by most U.S. skiers. read more
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