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Spending a week at an interconnected Alps ski region that’s multiple times as big as Whistler or Vail is, no question, a bucket-list item for us northeasterners. At the same time, there’s an equally compelling value proposition for dozens of lesser-known regions like Austria's Vorarlberg boasting ski areas that are still far larger and more varied than anything on this side of the pond, but small enough to avoid feeling like an industrial tourism meat grinder. read more
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Although I spent a semester in France as a university student and visited the country many times since graduating, I’d never gone on a ski vacation in the French Alps. Last season, I made it a point to end that omission in my portfolio and spent a week at the Portes du Soleil, just south of Lake Geneva along the Swiss border. read more
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Even though the Austrian town of Ischgl has attained international prominence as one of the hardest partying winter resorts anywhere, my recent visit proved that you can have a world-class ski vacation there without the booze, euro disco, or lap dances. read more
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Mention the Austrian ski resort of Lech and people immediately think of a snowbound Monaco, filled with celebrities, powerful diplomats, and the insanely rich. However, two visits during consecutive winters proved that you don't need to be part of the 1% to have a memorable ski vacation there. read more
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While the Kitzbühel Alps aren't considered the top tier of ski regions in the Alps, my spring 2003 visit showed me what's missing from the North American ski experience and transformed Austria into my favorite winter destination. read more
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